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Now you can find our what are the typical problems for a boat that you may be interested in purchasing by MAKE, MODEL and YEAR. We also include the TOP TEN list of things to look for in that specific boat.

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Find out what are the Common Issues and problems by MAKE, MODEL and YEAR boat.


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Make                        SeaRay                                             

Model                       420 AC                                             

Model Year               1997                                                 


Report Run Date 01/10/2017




The hull and hull to deck joints have no major issues. Good quality Gelcoat over entire hull.

The transom has a tendency to have gelcoat cracks in the corners inside the bilge area.



The Deck has a tendency to have gelcoat cracks around the cleats, both forward and aft. Also beware of cracking on the hatch for the anchor locker and the rain edge.



The original factory wiring and electrical connections have a tendency to be solid and have no issues.



The factory power was well installed. The power, (engine) was typically installed and provided by individual dealers.  The fuel tank has a tendency to leak after 10 or more years and cause issues with the foam and right side stringer.




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Top 10 Things to Look for in this MAKE, MODEL and YEAR Boat



  • Transmission “Hard Shifts”


  • Port Side engine shaft log alignment and leaks


  • Softness or bounciness of deck around anchor locker


  • Electrical connections inside portside cabin locker


  • Thickness of Gelcoat on swim platform attachment area


  • Gelcoat and fiberglass Cracks around thru-hull fittings and drain plug


  • Fuel Tank sending unit wiring


  • Port side engine starter gear


  • Gelcoat cracks around cleats and or rust around cleats


  • Steering system attachment points in bilge




Note: The information provided is this report is general to this Make, Model and Year boat and is for informational purposes only. The information does not provide a warranty or implied warranty.


                                                      Copyright ©  2017 Used Boat Review, ( A Product of L.I.M.F.R.)

Sample Report
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